Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating Freedom

Yesterday the United States celebrated the signing of a document that few people take time to read after they leave school. It is considered a historical document, not something that affects our lives today. Perhaps it doesn’t.

It certainly changed a number of things when it was written. Oh, without it, the war would have been fought, and won. But the men who led felt it well worthwhile to explain what they were doing, and why.

The words in that document were worked out, written down, edited and rewritten until it met the needs of all signers. By putting their signature upon it, they committed their lives and fortunes to ideals they all could live by.

The second sentence begins the second paragraph and is argued over today by millions who disagree with its premise that all men were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.

Oh, most agree that rights are important – and theirs are more important than any others. It’s the creator part where our nation splits.

This nation was never intended to be a theocracy, just as it was never intended to ignore the roots of Judeo-Christian beliefs and laws.

Thomas Jefferson took years to distill his beliefs regarding Jesus, deleting what he considered supernatural additions by the gospel authors. Today’s detractors simply delete the Bible from consideration.

Yet, the celebration of our nation’s freedom includes their ability to do so.

It also celebrates our freedom to worship without interference.

There are many nations today where those freedoms are not available. There are nations today whose laws deny religious freedom, to the point of death. Unfortunately, there are many people who feel that is of little importance.

Many would ignore religious beliefs. Which reminds me of my little dog who refuses to look at the vet – if she doesn’t see him, he’s not there. Foolish, isn’t she. Are we not as foolish to ignore that which men are willing to die for?

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