Monday, January 10, 2011

I Must Admit


I’m doing things a bit differently. I used to write my blog in MS Word, formatting the scriptures as I copied them from e-Sword. Doing a Copy/Paste to the blog’s entry screen – then fixing format changes that occurred whether I wanted them or not. Since I keep ‘mirror’ blogs on Blogger and on Multiply, I then take the HTML code and place it on the other.

I self-imposed a limit – one standard 8.5x11 page and I’d finish my writing. Sometimes it took a tweak on the top and/or bottom margin to fit in that very last thought.

Now things are different. Bro. Brad Gilbert introduced me to a piece of software I didn’t know I had – Windows Live Writer – that came with my new laptop’s Windows 7. Now this is a snazzy little bit of software. Of course, as an old hand at GUI testing, it does lack a tiny bit of intuitiveness, but that’s true of all software. Somehow programmers just do not read our minds!!

It does free me up a bit on time. Everything is in one place. I don’t have to insert a photo, then do my Copy/Paste, edit, format. It’s all done in this one screen, then post to my blog. I can post a draft the publish it later. Well, that’s not really new – except the draft is posted from Live Writer – and Live Writer can retrieve that very same copy for additional editing, whether it’s published or not. Handy little gadget.

Look for it in your Windows 7. If you don’t have Windows 7, check it out with someone that does. Experiment. It’s fun.

Tomorrow – back to a Bible Reading post, I promise.

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