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[Edited December, 2014 -- the recipes are still good, but we haven't been doing 42 Domino nights due to health issues for a couple of families. Also, I've been engrossed in my new hobby, quilting. I haven't started a page on that -- yet -- so please enjoy recipes if you find them interesting. I actually may add one or two more if I start cooking more, too.]

I've mentioned our 42 Domino group that meets every Thursday night. We ladies take turns planning the menu, each of us bringing an item. The person responsible for the menu prepares the meat dish and calls the others to make their choices. That gives all of us opportunities to use a variety of recipes.

The ones on my recipe collecting blog site come from Thursday evenings, family recipes or ones I've run across. I particularly enjoy flexible and forgiving recipes -- I need those as I've been known to omit an ingredient or two! I've also been known to add something, and every once in a while that works!

This year I got brave enough to gather the best ones into a cookbook for Christmas presents to the wonderful ladies in my family.  They were kind enough to express appreciation (aren't they nice?)

I included a bit of history -- their origin or their use or what happened when served.  Every recipe should have a story with it since it's part of the family.  Please, feel free to stop by and use them:

Grammy Blick's Favorite Recipes

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