Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Condensed Version

One of the first verses we teach is John 3:16. It contains the essence of God's relationship with mankind.

To begin, it is necessary to believe God created the world. That creation has such a reason for existence, so important to God, that He loves it. He not only knows what is happening in it, but He cares about it enough to provide for it.

For a large number of people, they simply cannot comprehend an entity with sufficient power to create this world. That requires accepting the creation of the entire universe. They find it easier to believe "accepted science", which changes every few years with new discoveries by learned men who create new experiments.

I much more appreciate scientists who have minds open to spiritual concepts as well as physical ones. People who can look upon such a verse and see the depth of meaning, the length of time it took to reach and all the prophecy along the way.

Obviously, many study this one verse today with the same depth of interest John had when it was written. And with as many questions as Nicodemus had during his sit-down chat with Jesus. God is ready for us to come to Him with questions, but the bottom line, from Genesis to Revelation is: Faith.

God is one. One message. When He told Adam and Eve they could partake of all the fruit - except one - they had to believe, have faith, that He meant what He said. They didn't. Such examples abound in God's word. We read of the consequences, too, over and over, and we make the same error - lack of faith.

Spend some time with the verse, look at the graphic and determine if this illustration is accurate, from your point of view. Do you read differences in this verse? Based on what? Can you substantiate your views - cite your sources? Do you study with an open mind, or closed to God's voice?

Answers encompass an eternity.

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