Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Still Have Questions?

I captured this quote the other day. It reminded me of a letter to the editor of Fort Worth's Star Telegram. A woman wrote how offended she was during a show done by the Rockettes.

It was well advertised across the Metroplex and sold out for most performances. It was in December and had the word Christmas in the title. The lady saw the ads, bought tickets and was offended that the program closed with a nativity scene.

In order to keep anyone from being offended, our culture has attempted to erase Christianity.

A recent Huffington Post article suggests that such beliefs are mental aberrations that should be curable. I included that link in a Facebook status a few days ago and regret I cannot include the link here - haven't discovered how to in this iPhone!

One responder wrote, "I'm incurable,". Me, too. I do have faith in the God I cannot see. I'm not offended by those who do not have faith in Him, and wonder why anyone would be offended by another's faith.

Oh, Islamist's death-dealing actions are truly offensive - but a Muslim's faith is no more offensive than a Hindu's, a Buddhist's -- any other religion's faith, including a Christian's. In our country, our governments - federal, state, local - cannot impose any belief system. We appreciate that while respecting each individual's choice. We also expect that respect from all of our country's citizens. We would hope other countries would be as inclusive.

That respect is being inclusive - inclusive enough to overcome being offended at open expressions of faith.

Are we, personally, that open? Are we offended by another's faith? How do we respond to those who are offended by ours? Do we know and use 1 Peter 3:15?

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