Monday, June 3, 2013

Praise Him!!!

Our worship services begin with singing. The words are a part of the service, but I must admit there have been times my attention was elsewhere, keeping up with the notes, not paying attention to the words.

My error.

When I enter the sanctuary, the music does help me set aside things of the world, focusing in my reason for being there - Jesus, Christ, my Lord.

When I sing "We praise thee I God for the Son of thy love," I must mean the words or be a hypocrite. At the close of service, when I sing "All to Jesus I surrender," I should be surrendering my cares, my woes, anything that keeps me from placing my burdens in Him.

Hymns echo God's word. "Come unto me. I will give you rest," repeats the promises of Matthew 11:28-30. The words telling me His burden is light are important. I'm leaving mine and picking up His love for mankind, not just dropping mine off to enjoy a trouble-free life.

No, the graphic is not of a hymnal in our church. It is a reminder that congregations world-wide do the same praising of our Lord.

So join with me in one of my favorites, Fanny Crosby's "Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!!"

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