Friday, June 7, 2013


The young lady in the photo (a crop from a beautiful portrait by Beth Marie Photography - please do not copy and reuse) is someone I've known all of her life and someone I love.

She's not alone - there are two other special mothers-to-be who are in my prayers for uneventful pregnancies and healthy babies. All of these ladies are married, planning and working on their futures with loving husbands.

They see their pregnancies as the creation of a person that combines parts of them and their husbands into a brand new, absolutely unique, person. They know the verses in Psalm 139:14-16 that tell us we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God knows us in that secret creation.

Even non-believers must agree that from the moment of conception, whatever name is given to the combined cells, the DNA is human. Humans are us. We are special in this world. We are self aware, yet capable of caring for each other. That care is a requirement for life.

A newborn human is incapable of surviving outside the womb without the intervention of other humans. What medicine defines as 'viable' is not - unless fed and protected, cared for and cleansed. The mother's body does this for months before she holds her child in her arms. It is required for years afterward, too. Having lived through it - it is so worth it!!

The decision to institute an abortion is the decision to kill a human, a person whose DNA is a unique combination, never to be repeated. Such a decision to save a woman's life is undertaken with much thought. To make that decision as a simple matter of birth control, as though 'fixing' a mistake in judgment, denies the humanity of pregnancy. It should be a heart-wrenching decision not made lightly nor alone.

The best process is to be as these three young couples now on my prayer list - eagerly waiting for the arrival of a new person not only in their lives, their extended families, but in our world. Each is seeing to medical needs for themselves and their child. They are sharing their expectancy with people who care and will provide support. I am so grateful for that!

Would you join with me in a prayer for these specific new lives? For these couples and the years ahead of them as their children and families grow? Will you welcome them into our world?

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