Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Just A Name

Devils Tower was awesome. I need to find out if there are more of these stripped-to-the-core volcanoes.

Oh, no - I did not misspell its name. The apostrophe was omitted when this National Monument was created. It should have been Bear Tower, anyway. The multiple Native American tribes aware of this spot referred to it as a bear's something - lodge, teepee or the story is its creation.

Sadly, many still come to the Tower to leave offerings. There were signs describing the offerings left and requests that we tourists leave them alone. I wondered if some were taken as souvenirs.

Christians have not been convincing to the native tribes, though centuries have passed since Europeans first contacted plains tribes. The majority of newcomers were not interested in the souls of the tribes. Their land, furs, most notably their gold - for which they had little use - was high on the list, but not salvation.

What are we interested in when we meet strangers? Do we learn of them, from them, care for them? Do we think of their souls or do we make judgments based only on first impressions?

Matthew 25:31-46 describes those who do without thinking and those who don't do but think they did. Where do we fall - to the left or to the right? Do we do for any, or only our own? What do we do for those whose beliefs are so different from our own?

I thought about that after seeing the Little Big Horn markers for Native Americans fighting to retain their land and lifestyle. We bought their land from another sovereign nation that never held it, then sent in soldiers. That's what earthly kingdoms / nations do.

We serve a heavenly King who cares for His subjects in an entirely different manner. He loves, and asks those who love Him to care for all of His children.

Can we? Even those who today believe a bear has a lodge?

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