Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is what we saw walking out to view Old Faithful geyser. Every 88 minutes, give or take ten minutes or so, it blows off steam. There is a live camera pointed toward this spot that you can view on the Internet - last year I posted a screen capture of my daughter's vacation group as they stood there and waved. Both the geyser and the camera are faithful performers.

You gotta know that ties into Bible reading!!! Deuteronomy 7:9 tells us God is faithful while the entire Bible is filled with examples of His faithfulness. 1 Samuel 2:35 shows he requires faithfulness, too. Revelation 1:5 confirms our own faithful witness - and these are only three of 78 verses in KJV that include 'faithful'. Only one, Proverbs 25:19, includes the word 'unfaithful.'

How do we stack up? I write "we" 'cause it's easier to look at this as a group than to ask my self the specific question, "What does my faithfulness tell about my relationship with God?"

More people see my actions than read my words - do they match? When I encourage Bible reading, is it obvious I do it? If I invite someone to services, can they depend on my being there, too? When I speak of my faith, am I sharing an experience or passing judgment?

Jesus Christ is named as our faithful witness. What He said was recorded, God-breathed, by men who witnessed Him. Jesus told us about our Father, His expectations, His preparations, His showing of love for His children. We are shown His faithfulness in every chapter of His book.

Fortunately for us, we've also been shown His forgiveness when our own faithfulness is called into question.

Romans 10:17 tells me how to gain faith. What verse speaks to you about faithfulness?

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