Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Long Day

Monday was a long day. We were on the road by 7:30, headed for Mount Rushmore. We were able to get a parking place close to the elevators from the first parking level to the main walkway. The pair of GoGo scooters were perfect for our two limited-mobility travelers. Yes, the scooters took up quite a bit of room, but they were worth it. We do have a picture of how packed the back of the mini-van is!

South Dakota has many different scenes. From the Black Hills we drop down to Rapid City and we can see for miles eastward - plains, with huge fields. Not until we cross the wide Missouri does the landscape change again.

I'm struck not only by what I've seen in scenery here today, but the relative size of Israel and the change of scenery Pastor's travelogue displayed - in an even smaller area.

Jesus' speech and action as He walked the dusty roads impacts world politics today. One man, speaking to another, a few, a crowd and His words echo across congregations each Sunday.

This past Sunday we joined the congregation of the Grace Baptist Church in Black Hawk, South Dakota. Pastor Paul Erdos read verses from First John, speaking to us of the most important part of Christ's message - love. If we do not love, we do not know God.

The congregation was small, but the message was the same as it has been since Matthew recorded it in 22:37-40.

Those who dynamite and polish mountains want to leave lasting messages. Whether it's four presidents or Native Americans memorialized in Crazy Horse, they want their story seen, discussed and remembered.

Jesus just wanted to change the world to display the manner in which God loved it. He did that in individual lives. How's His work in ours -- it's on display, what is displayed?

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