Friday, May 31, 2013


Highway 287 has a nice wide median separating it as traffic moves around the posted 75 mph speed limit. I had been watching the different fields we passed, a dust devil in one, a tractor throwing up dust in another, then wondering about the cloud of dust down the road where a field would not be.

Just as I saw it, traffic began stopping. The truck in the right lane ahead of us left burning rubber as we almost as quickly pulled off to the left shoulder. I saw the young lady step out of her pickup in the median and fall to the ground.

In the picture she's sitting on the ground wearing a cowboy hat, beside her pickup. Note that all four corners made contact with the ground - and it's pointed in the opposite direction from which she was headed. She appeared fine, except for a few cuts and scratches - and shock. Police and ambulance were there in just over ten minutes.

Afterwards, as the four of us talked, I was struck by the differences on what we saw that the others didn't, and what we missed the another saw. I woke this morning with that on my mind and the harmony of the gospels.

Four different men with differing attitudes, backgrounds, education, perspectives, writing about the one Man that not only changes their lives but eventually affected ours today through their writings. Yes - I believe they, and those who saved their words, were inspired by God to share that good news for all men. I also believe their perspective, even their personality, gives individual insight.

Detractors point to perceived differences and cry "Foul!! This is error!", but the message of God's loving gift for His creature remains the same. Just as we four would have written our own perspective of this young lady's accident and asked that you consider the whole, please read the gospels seeking the whole counsel of God's message.

We gave thanks we were able to continue our journey, leaving her in capable, professional, hands of first responders. They are a blessing to those they serve.

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