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Love in Action, Christ Outreach = LACO

This photo was provided by a friend I met through the Goden family, a minister in the Philippines.  It has been a blessing for a couple of years to watch Elena’s ministry grow.  Let her tell you in her own words:

Dear Ma'am Phyllis, 

Good day!

Thank you very much for this opportunity to share the prayer needs/ list of Love in Action CHRISTian OUTREACH (LACO). Just for an added info, this was started way back in Oct. of 2009. Just before my 31st birthday as it was my prayer that God would give me a personal ministry for HIM.

When I was in high school, I have dreamt of having my own orphanage. But, it took so many years for me to even take the first step to make that dream a reality. These days, having an orphanage needs a huge budget and wide supports from people.

Though, God hasn't yet open that window of opportunity but for a start, HE has allowed me to start a mini-library for less fortunate kids and every Saturday I get to teach these kids basic literacy and Bibles stories. I take some of the kids to church on Wednesday nights, Prayer meeting on Saturday morning afterwards distribute tracts and also Sunday services.

Known in my area as a Bible Baptist believer, most parents won’t allow their kids to go to church with me. At least though, they allow their children to come on Saturday afternoon. I started with around 11 kids last Oct 2009 to about 40-60 kids these days. Though, I have over a hundred kids on my list but a lot of kids’ come-and-go. I have a big attendance when they know that the snack is tasty. =D   There’s 3 baptism so far. Many would want to be baptized but their parents refused to let them.  About 15 parents received the Lord Jesus Christ last December.

My desire and prayer these days is that God would give us a permanent place for LACO kids. With that, I can go to more places and invite kids to come. This place hopefully would also serve as truly an outreach for them. With that having said, I pray God would give me committed and faithful volunteers.

To add, I have already brought in a 9 year old girl in my family. She no longer has a father and her mother has a new husband but they live in a very small area and have a very menial work that would earn around 2 dollars a day or so. To make matters worse, she has a lot of siblings. So, I have to take her in by God’s grace and divine providence.

The future plan for LACO once God has answers our need; we can open the mini-library daily. We can cater to more kids in my neighborhood and reach out to other localities as well. Hopefully, we can have a discipleship so that they can reach out to their families and classmates soon. Keep children off the streets.

On the other hand, these are the prayer concerns/ needs we have for 2011:

1. Renovation need for these empty rooms so that we can use it. The expenses will be deducted from the monthly rental rate of 60 USD per room. These are 2 rooms. The landlord will not use his own money for the renovation.
Rough estimate of the cost for renovation is around 800-1000 USD.

2. Rental fee of 1 room. 60 USD per month.

3. Sponsorship of the kids. At least 10-20 USD per month for the school year 2011-2012. School will commence on June 6. Class will end on April 2012.

4. School supplies needs of the kids like crayons, notebooks, pencils, etc. The much need supplies they need now are shoes, uniforms, socks and food (food snacks/treats). Kids love to go to school but since their stomachs are empty, they can’t concentrate on the lesson being taught to them. All of these are included already in the 10-20 USD per month support per child.

5.  Used children’s clothing ages 0-15 years old.

6.  Used toys and children’s books and perhaps Children’s Bibles.

7.  A multicab for LACO so that we can bring more kids to church. As of now, we either take a taxi or walk to church. In a taxi, if the driver allows, there would be 12 kids with me and it’s like a can of sardines during the commute duration. =)

8.  Faithful and committed volunteers who will work with me.

9.  Used television, used laptops, used projector for the multimedia class. Kids love this and I have rather good and positive responses from them. Also, they easily learn, too. As we are now in the technology age, we should also adopt the change. The lesson remains the same but the approach evolves.

These are our prayer concerns and needs for 2011. Here's the Facebook Group Link:!/home.php?sk=group_170182916934&ap=1


Maria Elena Escasinas

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