Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Made Soap–Yeah!!

I’ve completed tomorrow’s blog – about waiting.  And I must confess I’ve waited long.  Today’s the last day of June, and I had promised Angela at Home Made Natural Soaps that I would review her soap by the end of June.  I won a bar of my choice and her only request was a review of how I liked it.

My excuses are that the Blueberry soap arrived the first week our guests did.  In fact, Angela’s well-wrapped package arrived in the same mail as several gifts for our 50th wedding anniversary.  The next couple of weeks were crowded, and the soap was put aside as we enjoyed family and friends. 

Then, forgotten.

Thanks to Angela, not only for the soap, but for her patience and her reminder!

Since I hadn’t used it, I took another week to be certain about the results.  This is what I like about her soap:

It lasts!  That could be a problem for her – not for us, since it will last quite a while.  I haven’t made a dent in it and I’ve used it daily for a week.

It cleans!  Yep, it does that very well.  Softly, without drying, and that’s great at any age.

It has fragrance!  Such a good blueberry lightness – that doesn’t stay on your skin.  After washing, all I can smell is the freshness of clean, no leftover fragrance.

It does no harm!  I have sensitive skin, prone to break out when dry or when I use some petroleum based products – this soap did not cause any breaking out.  That’s always a concern with any new product.  For me, this bottom line is the best part of Angela’s product.

We can buy soap anywhere – from the big box stores to online home makers, with a plethora of choices in between.  So why think about this one?  Because it does exactly what is promised.  My old company used a line that holds true here:
Customer expectations exceeded

Yes – I expected a nice product, and received one that exceeded my every expectation.  I recommend this soap and hope my readers will visit the site and make their own fragrance choice.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love making soap AND using it! There just isn't anything in the stores to compare.


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