Sunday, February 27, 2011



It looks rather simple, and well designed.  But there are greater piece-parts in the shoulder that when they cease to function correctly, it is very painful.

Beloved Husband’s recovery is doing as expected – it just takes time. He completed building my new stool for the bathroom and he’s almost completed drawing working plans for a remodel/addition for our church to vote on.  Accomplishments!

For me, things have been going another direction.  My right shoulder sustained some type of injury this last week.  I promise my most strenuous activity was replacing four light bulbs, but woke up with pain in my right arm that is unrelenting.  Even typing has become a painful activity that I’ve decided to forego – for a very short (I pray) period of time.

As soon as I woke up with the aftermath, I called the doctor who has treated Beloved Husband and others in our congregation.  I have confidence in his abilities even though I’m praying the diagnosis does not include surgery.  I would prefer (and will suggest) that some exercises, medication and time will return my ability to type what I’m thinking almost painlessly.

I appreciate (and request) your prayers and will post updates along the way.  Thanks!!!

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  1. Oh my sweet lady I will fervently pray for you, I had a frozen shoulder a few years ago, had to undergo some painful therapy for a few weeks, but finally it took away the pain, when I had my knee surgery I used that same arm so much more than normal, it is giving me a fit again, but I do not think it is the same things as before, (not beens seen by doc) so I pray that yours will be well soon, and our Great Physican will put a healing touch on you, if not I know his grace is sufficient for thee. Be blessed and you are a blessing, Barbara


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