Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Ministry?

About once a year, or a month or so longer, our internet connectivity takes a vacation. No notice at all, and I turn on my Need-to-Know-Right-Now mode and start learning all I forgot from last year, and the new stuff my PC/ISP/Router providers have added that I don’t know -- yet. Last year it was in May. This year (so far) we’ve only lost a couple of days last month. I think we have it returned to the standard available 24/7 that we’ve come to expect.

Of course, it made me think of how our time spent in God’s service is measured. Do you ever notice empty spots in pews?

Some people think if they attend church on special holidays, that’s quite enough for each year. Others decide being there Sunday mornings starts their week off right and they don’t need to come back until next week.

Others take a seat in their pew for every service. Actually looking askance should some new person be sitting in their regular place.

Then there are those who regularly are not in their pews. We have a lot of those. Sometimes they’ll miss Sunday morning worship services and show up Sunday night. Their pew is empty every Wednesday night during school, but you’ll find them there in the summer when classes change and fewer children attend. You’ll find their car in the parking lot on Thursdays and some Saturdays, but not on a Sunday, when they drive a van picking up children.

Who are these people? Ministers, but not preachers. Church workers, but not the hired staff. Ministers because they have chosen to follow our Lord and provide service and training to His family.

They include a number of ladies who miss services to take care of babies and toddlers in the nursery; those who come during the week for visitation, sometimes going in pairs, sometimes alone; the youth and children workers who arrive early on Wednesdays when school meets, spending two hours training and playing with children from pre-K through 6th grade. Then there are ushers, who spend as much time in the back as in their pews as sitting in them. Or bus drivers who are keeping an eye on their passengers-without-parents, driving before and after services.

That doesn’t start to mention the Sunday School teachers. Each and every week they spend hours planning lessons, sending messages to their students and presenting Bible lessons. Or the youth leaders, shoulders drenched with the teen-years tears. Or the librarian who places orders, checks them in, prepares them for checking out then follows up with those of us who are forgetful about returning on time. (I do think I’d better check my bookcase!!)

Why? Because He first loved us, we’ve come to love Him and want to share our family with others.

Where are the scriptures for today? They are displayed In the lives of those who serve in the ministry of their choice.

Every church member should have one. If one of my readers does not, you are missing out on rewards here – and there. Pray for God’s will to be evident, then go serve. We’ll notice, but much more importantly, He’ll notice.

(This photo was taken by a neighbor, not a member, of our church after a fall storm and was kind enough to share with us)

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