Sunday, November 22, 2009

Momma Dawg - November 22, 2009

My dog died Sunday. Her story with us was told on her own website, Momma Dawg’s Paradise.

She has friends as far away as England and the Philippines. She came to us in December, 2005, burrowing a nest in a broken hay bale, abandoned by someone who could not accept responsibility. We put food out for her – a pregnant dog needs nourishment.

On New Year’s day, 2006, she presented us with eight puppies. As loving and gentle as she was, all found homes before they were eight weeks old. These were not small pups – a vet said their father could have been a St. Bernard.

I am in tears. I shall miss her for the rest of my life. Yet, I am grateful.

I can give thanks for the time shared with this huge, loving animal. She showed a touch of fear every once in a while. Someone had mistreated her with a hose and/or a belt. But instead of being aggressive when she saw them, she simply turned and walked away. We learned to understand and worked to bring her comfort.

Her love was unconditional. She greeted our car every time we returned. My standard was to give her a treat when we left, and another upon our return. She knew the sound our engines made and was always exuberant when we came home.

I give thanks, though the time was short. I wish it had been longer.

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