Saturday, January 27, 2018

“Normally do not share . . .”

Pictures of food.  They are too tempting for one of my quick and easy downfalls. 
Yet – this was so good to pass along.
Baked – and written about – by a pastor’s wife,  who you can meet at
Zion Baptist Church in Coushatta, Louisiana.
Feel free to drop by there and worship with them. In the mean time, take a look not only at pans of tasty baked goods, but a daily application. My title came from the beginning of her post:

I normally do not share pics of food ... but these turned out pretty.

I was given a sourdough starter back in November, by my dear friend's Mom, who happens to be an excellent baker.

She gave me instructions how to feed the starter. I have been making breads for years, but quickly discovered that keeping this starter "alive" might be a full-time job.

I had forgotten to feed the starter the first 10 days (you're supposed to every 3 to 5).

When I took it out to feed it for the first time, it didn't look bubbly like she said it would. It looked flat. My friends assured me it was fine. After feeding it about the third time, I decided to try my hand at a loaf. My loaf looked awful. It did not look like any sourdough bread I had seen at Whole Foods.
I messaged this dear lady and told her I "killed" the starter. I explained how I fed it, how it turned out, and I had managed to kill it.

She messaged me back, and said not to worry. She gave me specific instructions how I could bring it back to "life". She said it may take a few days.

I continued to feed it. A couple days went by ... nothing. I kept doing as instructed. (At this point it was a battle of will, and I was determined to see this thing through. LOL)

On the 4th day, I woke up, and I was so excited. The dough on my counter look like a bubbly science experiment. I then started the process of making the bread loaf. (It IS a process.) By Sunday morning I had finally managed to make a beautiful sourdough bread loaf. We have continued to enjoy this a few times since.

I read a blog last week, and it reminded me of this whole process of me trying to figure out the sourdough starter.

It reminded me if my relationship with Christ. There have been many seasons in my life where I was not where I should be as a Christian. I wasn't useless ... but I wasn't doing exactly as I should, or walking with my Savior like I should. 

Much like this sourdough starter, when I focused on "feeding" my spirit like I should I noticed a difference. The first few times may have been "flat", but then when I least expected it, things would begin to come alive again.
I just thought I would encourage someone this evening. When we work on our spirit, and follow God's Word .... things begin to come "alive" again.

Side note: I am thankful I did not give up on my starter. My family is especially glad, and looking forward to the fruits of my labor.

My regular readers will notice there are no scriptures in this blog - 
and my blog is to encourage you to read your Bible. 
So, I'd suggest you search for scriptures that will remind you of your relationship to Christ. 
Another good subject to research is leaven in the Bible. 
Maybe tomorrow we'll have a short discussion on that! Please come back and join in.

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