Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Am Here

Well, we've been in different places every night for more than a week. I've had times when it took me a few minutes to remember the current room number, much less which city! Best I can do is, "I am here!" And hope I can define "here."

1 Samuel 3:4 has the same words as our graphic - here am I. God knows where we all are, geographically and in our life's journey. There's no doubt when He calls us to His service He knows the total circumstances surrounding our lives. He knows what we need to get the job done and that He will provide for us.

We can't doubt He knew Samuel, Isaiah and each person he called out specifically. He does not need the faith He requires from us. He has the knowledge of exactly how things will turn out. We also know that if we decline to follow His call to us, there will be another take our place.

Mordecai explained that to Esther. She was in the perfect position - we see that through history, she had to have faith. That's what we all need when we're called. Oh, yes, we'll be called. It won't be the same for each person - except for one thing, we won't understand what God has in mind. Our trust in Him is required.

And, we'll need to respond - "Here am I."

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