Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A review of “Roadmap Through Revelation”

Rick Schworer was kind enough to provide an e-copy of his book "Roadmap to Revelation."  Having read his devotionals on IFBKJV, I was very much looking forward to the book.

Schworer lays out in the Introduction the basis for the book -- a chronological roadmap through a book that promises blessings for those who read it. Since he had not found one available for his own study, he would create one.

I found that two of his three stated purposes have been achieved: 

1 ) a 'harmony' of the book, showing what happens through the seven years of the tribulation;
2 ) an  easy to read commentary, complete with charts showing where we are in reading through those seven years;
3 ) there is an examination of events that "may or may not be in Revelation."

I found #3 to create distractions and detours that take attention away from the first two goals.  Primarily, the focus throughout as to the Roman Catholic Church being the Anti-Christ, taking attention away from other possibilities that stand in our own lifetime -- and others that may exist as the day approaches.  The insertion of mythology does not add to the roadmap, either, taking focus away from the scriptures God provided. 

This would be my reason for hesitating to give a recommendation for the book.

However, the depth of study is apparent and the book's bibliography would add value to libraries.  Schworer writes with enthusiasm, too. I cannot fault his interpretations as he inserts some fictionalization of coming events. These are well marked as being included as his own views of possibilities.

His desire to educate is apparent.  He wants the reader to follow the roadmap and learn from it.  The charts Schworer uses are workable as we study the book of Revelation -- and study it we should. 

No other book in the Bible promises a blessing simply for reading it - Revelation does.  Using Rick Schworer's roadmap could be useful while doing that reading.

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