Friday, May 21, 2010

Glorious day for a wedding!

Today I get to attend the wedding of two people who have dedicated their lives to God. David just graduated from Bible college and will be coming to our church to work with the youth for a couple of years before they head for the mission field. We will be blessed through their work. Please pray for them and their ministry.

I'm blogging from my phone, having left the pc at home. That's supposed to cover any typos - small keyboard plus bad eyesight!

I cannot "comment" on blogspot from the phone. So, my notes this morning would have been comments on Bro. Brad's Blog (it's listed on the side bar.) He's been covering a chapter of Proverbs each day in May.

Today I was first struck by the second verse and its similarity to 14:12 and 16:25. Seems to me that when the Lord repeats Himself, we should pay close attention.

Verse 23 is hard to achieve!

Verse 31 is a reminder to depend on God. No amount of preparation is better than his plan. He will always keep us safe.

May the reading of His word bring a blessing for you.

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